Red All Over Ireland – Issue 190

ImageWell who would have thought it – a great start to the season and everyone is upbeat – even on internet and twitter-land. Except we are now serious contenders for 2nd/3rd place, one step at a time folks. But maybe just maybe…see, even I am at it now.

The atmosphere around the ground has certainly been upbeat so far (well I know we have only played three games) – the Stoke game (well certainly the finish) took me back to the European nights, and that was from the Anny Road end. Nearly took me back to the Arsenal CL classic, and it wasn’t even under lights. Libpool Libpool top of the league, Libpool…TOP OF THE LEAGUE! For a few hours.

The Mancs at home was special with it being Shanklys 100th birthday weekend as well. The mosaic was magnificent and the Shankly singing on the Kop would have been music for those old enough to remember the great man. A fitting tribute. Great start and we held on without being troubled too much, very much a cup tie element to the game and a nice few celebratory pints afterwards before the journey home.

With me there is always a BUT…something to irritate, something that wasn’t right and it has been around for a few years now, but for this game they were just far too noticeable for my and I’m sure countless other reds liking. No not the jester hats this time, but the half and half scarfs. They were everywhere, lads and lassies walking proudly around with both crests showing singing “Oh Man …chester is full of shite” What on earth processes these people to buy this crap! I’m sure it happens at OT as well, we’ll see in a few weeks time. Think about it, a LFC and Man U scarf. What’s next – JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald half and half’s, Hitler and the Pope, Luis and Evra, or god forbid, Jones and Humperdinck.

One more gripe, major gripe – we were in 306 and as the game was reaching the crucial final moments the language was of course colourful to say the least – what would you expect. Anyway my friend beside says something like “Ah for fu*k sake get rid of it” Chap beside her nudges her “ Mind the language please” I think she was that shocked she said nothing, in hindsight she should have told him to F-OFF in the strongest possible terms and said as much afterwards. What’s it all coming to eh – football without fans is nothing that’s for sure but football can do without some of these event junkies. He left before the end as well.

Last month we informed all that Ned Doig’s grave will be fitted with a headstone but that Tom Watson the man who led Liverpool to their first league title had none as yet. Karen Gill, the grand-daughter of Bill Shankly has promised to take this issue up with Ian Ayre at the next supporters club committee meeting. So fingers crossed for that. More news soon- and this time it will be better I’m sure.

More from yesteryear and another Liverpool manager W.E. Barclay, who like Watson is buried in an unmarked grave at Anfield. William Barclay was born in Kilmainham Auxillery South Derby Union Workhouse, Dublin on 14th June 1857.  He would have the distinction of managing both Everton and Liverpool – becoming the blues first ever manager in 1888 and then leaving the club with John Houlding to remain at Anfield to take charge of the new Liverpool Football Club with John McKenna. Now Johnny Stokkeland has been in touch and along with George Rowlands they have informed RAOTL that they are ordering a headstone this week for a man who helped shape the Liverpool we know today.


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